How To Play

It's chance based.
You can't make picks.

To win more money, invite friends.

Enter (Accept Invite)

Choose the raffle or pool you want to enter.

There are many formats with different point requirements.

  • Block Pools (Squares) per game
  • Multiple game over unders.
  • Sports Raffles per game

Accept an invite to win when they do

If your inviter wins, you and everyone else who accepted the invite additionally split a prize prize equal to what the inviter won.

EG: Your Inviter wins $100 and invites two people, you win a bonus $50.

Invite to win more

After entering, you are prompted to invite friends. This is possible until the lobby draw happens, which is usually at start of the game or first game.

You additionally win the same amount as your invitees

If anyone who accepts your invite wins, we additionally award the same amount of sweeps cash and points to you.

EG: One invitee wins $5 and another wins $125, you win a bonus $130.

Drawing the tickets

The draw time is normally the start of the game or fist game. This is when everyone receives their tickets.

  • No one can join after the draw has taken place.
  • If the lobby is filled before the draw time, the draw is triggered.

Tickets can look similar to squares, blocks, parlays and much more.

  • Tickets are assigned randomly.
  • All tickets in a draw are unique, no one has the same ticket.
  • One of these tickets is mathematically guaranteed to win.

Game decides the winner

Tickets contain a series of predictions like. Tom Brady to score a touchdown. If the predictions happen, you win.

You can review other players tickets and see who is winning the prizes.

Every ticket that can win prizes on is in the winnable tab.

Not every prediction has to happen to win

Check the prize distribution tab, often there are prizes for getting some of the corrections correct.

For example:

  • 4/4: $100
  • 3/4: $10
  • 2/4: $1
  • 1/4: $0
  • 0/4: $0

Winning & Redemptions

If you have won, it will be clearly visible in your ticket view.

Your balance will increase and then with at least $10 won you can request a redemption of a prize.


.Redemptions are processed on mondays.